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Have yourself a green Christmas

Have yourself a green Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner, Santa is readying his sleigh. You may have started decorating the house by now; it’s a tradition to put the Christmas tree up at the beginning of December! But have you thought about gifts? And not just any gifts, you’re probably on the lookout out for something more meaningful and lasting, aren’t you? We search far and wide each festive season for those special gifts for our loved ones and family. Think outside the box this year; create a new family tradition: plant a forest with Greenfleet and grow a living legacy for your family. Our native forests are protected and grow into resilient native ecosystems - a gift that will keep on giving for many future generations.

It’s as simple as jumping onto or to make a donation for your family or loved ones and we’ll take care of the planting!

Let us know it’s a gift donation and you’ll automatically receive a personalised gift certificate via email. It’ll be a story to tell the grandchildren for many years to come. As your family grows, the trees will too.

What better way to teach our children about the importance of the environment than through this experience! We’ll plant the trees on your behalf and your family can watch the forests grow and share your passion for protecting Mother Nature.

With over 425 Greenfleet forests around Australia and New Zealand, there is a forest near you. For almost 20 years, our biodiverse forests have been sequestering carbon emissions and growing into unique ecosystems – just click to see some of the amazing transformation in our online photo gallery.

Remember, donations over $2 are tax-deductible. So visit to plant trees and offset carbon emissions on behalf of your gift recipient or make a donation directly to Greenfleet at

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