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South Gippsland, then and now and soon to be

South Gippsland, then and now and soon to be

In 1999, Greenfleet partnered with South Gippsland Water to restore biodiverse forests on their land. To date more than 100,000 native trees have been planted around three reservoirs in South Gippsland, Victoria: Battery Creek, Western Reservoir and Hyland Reservoir.

Battery Creek is one particular catchment area that has blossomed into a forest of elegance and paradise for native flora and fauna. From 1999 to 2009, we progressively planted a staggering 96,000 trees over the 39 hectares. More than 20 species of trees were planted to recreate the ecosystems of the past. 17 years later, it is a wonderful breathe of fresh air to stand amongst towering trees, listening to the sounds of the forest.  

In 2012, a team of scientist from La Trobe University ventured to Battery Creek to survey pysllids, tiny little cicada like insects, only to discovered a new species nibbling on juvenile Bog Gum (Eucalyptus kitsoniana) leaves. In February 2013, the Ctenarytaina bipartite, more easily pronounced as the ‘Bog gum psyllid’, was officially named and officially the first known to science. This is a huge triumph and first for Greenfleet. Beyond our creepy crawly new friends, many native Australian animals have migrated and multiplied amongst the trees, re-creating a balanced and flourishing ecosystem. It’s no wonder this breathtaking piece of South Gippsland has delivered some of our most stunning sceneries. 

Western Reservoir and Hyland Reservoir have recently had their own revegetation makeovers. Over nine hectares have been planted at each reservoir in 2016. Carefully selected trees have helped to restore and reenergise these local ecosystems and add to the picturesque of the South Gippsland area. The success of Battery Creek gives hope that both Western Reservoir and Hyland Reservoir will soon be blossoming and full of life.

It is amazing to think that ‘trees’ can create complete biodiverse ecosystems, produce some pretty spectacular scenery and keep our Earth alive. South Gippsland Water Authority has taken action to support their land and these projects. The joint effort has resulted in a promising future for South Gippsland and Greenfleet’s mission for the Australian environment.

Photo of Greenfleet forest restoration at Battery Creek Photo of Greenfleet forest restoration at Battery Creek

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