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Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation on a mission to protect our climate by restoring our forests.

We plant native biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions on behalf of our supporters and help fight the impacts of climate change.

Our forests capture millions of tonnes of carbon emissions from our atmosphere, conserve biodiversity, improve water quality, reduce soil erosion and provide vital habitat for native wildlife.

By offsetting your carbon emissions or donating to Greenfleet, you are taking practical climate action.

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17 Jun 2019

Planting trees for turtles on the eve of World Environment Day

Planting trees for turtles on the eve of World Environment Day

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On Tuesday 4 June 2019, Greenfleet revisited Barolin Nature Reserve to review the progress of its growing forest and to undertake additional tree planting for the Low Glow project, which aims to protect the local sea turtle population. 

The forest at Barolin Nature Reserve was first planted in 2017 and with approximately 85,000 native biodiverse trees, it is now the largest reforestation project in the region.  

In addition to contributing to climate change resilience, the new forest will grow into a “green curtain” to help shield the local sea turtle population from artificial light pollution. 


The Reserve is adjacent to Mon Repos Beach which is home to the largest sea turtle population on the Australian eastern seaboard. Artificial lighting is one of the major threats to the critically endangered Loggerhead turtle population, as the distracting glow lures hatchlings away from the safety of the sea.

Greenfleet in collaboration with our community, business and government partners were able to plant an additional 700+ trees at our recent planting day in June. Our wonderful supporters that helped us plant on the day included Fun Over Fifty, Stroud Homes, Kelly’s Beach Resort, Bundaberg Regional Council, Burnett Mary Regional Group, Gin Gin Landcare, and long-time supporter Telstra. 

Greenfleet’s CEO, Wayne Wescott, stated that “Our work at Barolin Nature Reserve is an example of what can be done when not-for-profits, community, business and local Government come together to help protect our wildlife and climate.” 

The event coincided with Queensland Climate Week where leaders and government representatives were invited to share ideas and build a community of action against climate change.

There was a keen interest by media and local news reporters in the Low Glow project on the day, with ABC TV, WIN News, Triple M, 4BU and News Mail Bundaberg all reporting on the event. 

Greenfleet is very proud to be working with the community and our supporters on this local environmental initiative and providing some good news in the fight against climate change. 

Click here to find out more about the project. 


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