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5 ways to maximise your impact this tax time

5 ways to maximise your impact this tax time

Have you made your 2016-2017 tax-deductible donations yet? If you haven’t hit donate or offset yet, there is still time to maximise your impact!

The fact is, we give to charity because it's good for others and we love this buzz knowing we're making a real difference. Numerous studies have shown that giving money to others or to charity will put a much bigger smile on your face than spending on yourself. With tax time around the corner, you’ve got one more reason to put a smile on your dial!

Here is 5 ways to maximise your impact this EOFY.

1 Choose your cause wisely

At this time of year, your inbox is quickly filling with emails from organisations seeking your attention and generous support. Hey, we know, we're one of them! It's hard to know where to best invest your hard-earned dollars.

We suggest looking up some of the organisation's recent work: Is the organisation active in the community? Does the organisation's values align with yours? Do you get a happy feeling when you think of the impact you could have together?

At Greenfleet, we pride ourselves with how tangible our work is. We connect people with real climate action - this is why our supporters directly fund our reforestation projects. When you donate to Greenfleet, not only do your dollars help to tackle climate change, they also give a home to koalas, kangaroos and birds - you can't beat that!


2 Know you're giving to the right charitable entity

There are 600,000 Australian not-for-profits, 53,000 registered charities and only 28,000 of which have deductible gift recipient status (DGR). This status is the government’s stamp of approval to ensure you receive tax benefits when you give.* So pick an organisation with the DGR status and your donation of $2 or more will be tax-deductible. Win!

Even better is if the charity guarantees to email you the receipt right away. It will save you the hassle of chasing this up.

As a registered environmental charity, donations of $2 or more to Greenfleet are tax-deductible. And because we think we should make the experience of donating awesome, you can donate online 24/7 and receive a donation receipt automatically within seconds. Promise!


3 Relish in the fact that you're a kind, generous person - and let others know!

There’s something inexplicably satisfying about doing good. The joy of making a real difference to a cause close to your heart is very powerful.

But you know what? We all forget to give ourselves a pat on the back when we do a good thing. So go on, after you made your donations, give yourself a high-five! We think you're awesome for giving, so take this virtual high five from us too!

Done? Good, now make sure you share your donation on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram. Why? Because you can multiply by tenfold the impact of your donation by getting other people to donate too!


4 Reduce your taxable income

Are you on the brink of your tax bracket? A donation at the end of this financial year does good in the community and also reduces your taxable income. This is a generous method to help shift the rate in which your earnings are taxed each year.*

So make sure you keep the receipts for all your donations and claim these on your tax return.

Did you donate to Greenfleet but can't locate your donation receipt? No worries, give a call to Christine or Taylor on 1800 032 999 and they'll re-send it for you!


5 Donate before June 30!

Time is of the essence - make sure you donate before 11.59pm on June 30 to ensure you can count these towards your 2016-17 tax declaration. If not, no worries, you can claim it next year!

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