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Climate change sceptics on Victoria’s endangered list

Climate change sceptics on Victoria’s endangered list

Nine out of 10 Victorians agree climate change is happening and humans are the cause. That’s according to a new research, commissioned by Sustainability Victoria, into Victorian attitudes towards global warming.

The research also found that four out of five of us think everyone has a personal responsibility to take action on climate change; and that nine in 10 think government, business and industry should take action to address it.

So, the big question is – what are you doing to fight climate change? Do you know how to get started?

Take the pledge

Have you heard of TAKE2? It’s free and is a great way to demonstrate that you’re climate action hungry!

We’re proud to be a Founding Partner of TAKE2 - Australia’s only government-led climate change pledge initiative that encourages Victorians from all walks of life, including individuals, business, government, educational and community organisations, to make a commitment, or pledge, to fight climate change.

This free initiative provides ideas, inspiration and guidance to all TAKE2 members to help them step up their commitment to greener living. So, if you want a climate-friendly life, but don’t know how to make it happen, TAKE2 can help.

TAKE2 is also a great opportunity for organisations doing the right thing to promote their efforts and get the kudos they deserve from customers, clients, members, suppliers and networks.

Like Greenfleet, thousands have already joined the movement. Play your part: make the TAKE2 pledge today.

Take action: Offset your emissions today

Once you’ve made the pledge, it’s time to act. That’s where Greenfleet’s carbon offset program comes in handy.

Thousands of individuals and organisations are already taking real climate action by offsetting their carbon emissions with us. Visit to get started!

We were the first ones in Australia to restore biodiverse, native forests to offset carbon emissions.
Investing in biodiverse reforestation is a practical way to take climate action, and a cost-effective solution to offset carbon emissions with the highest standards of ecological sustainability.

At Greenfleet, we're careful to make sure that the forests we plant are appropriate for the land where they grow. We work towards restoring forests as they would have been hundreds of years ago, in doing so, we make the best possible use of your carbon offset donations.

So jump on-board and make a tax-deductible carbon offset donations today!

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