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Meet Monique - Greenfleet’s new Revegetation Projects Officer

Meet Monique - Greenfleet’s new Revegetation Projects Officer

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the latest addition to the team: Monique Howard.

Monique has joined the Forestry team to replace David, Greenfleet's Revegetation Project Officer while he is away on parental leave. Monique will help in locating sites and talking with our wonderful landholders to revegetate and grow more forests around Australia and New Zealand. We've taken 5 minutes out of Monique's busy schedule to ask her a few questions to get to know her more.

Question: Hi Monique, welcome to Greenfleet! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Monique: I'm a mother of a 8.5 year old and a cat and a dog (as they're part of the family too). I have a background in science, and I've changed my career course into environmental sustainability. I wanted a career change after I became a mother. I wanted to find a space where I could make a more substantial contribution to society, the environment and the future in a very tangible way. For me that meant retraining and getting involved in environmental sustainability. I loved going back to Uni and getting my Masters.

Monique, what do you love about your job so far?

So far, I love being part of a team. There are regular communications about what people are working on, and I can’t help but feel connected to a part of the greater machine that is Greenfleet. The openness is so welcoming.I love learning all about new things that I had never heard of before from a group of people who are actually really willing to share that information.

Why did you choose to work in the sustainability space?

I felt when I was working in science that I wasn't contributing in a large enough, tangible enough way to society. So I sat down and had a long hard thought about what would feel like, what would align with my values in life. What would feel like it was quite a tangible contribution to society. For me, that's environmental sustainability. 

Part of my undergraduate degree was about human evolution and I’ve always been concerned about our heavy use of resources, creation of waste, and what that means for other species. I feel an obligation to help remedy this situation somehow. Working in environmental sustainability allows me to measure environmental impacts and create projects to reduce them, which appeals to the scientist and geek in me.

What surprised you about Greenfleet/What would do you wish other people to know about Greenfleet?

Everyone here really is passionate about the environment and making a contribution to decreasing environmental impact and connecting people with Nature. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge here and it's not static – it gets shared around freely. I feel like I’m learning a lot which is something that’s important to me.

What do you do when you are not working?

Just hang with my family. I like getting out of the house and either going for a bike ride or taking the dog for a walk. If we can squeeze a coffee in there too, everyone’s happy!

Thanks, Monique, for sharing a bit about yourself, and welcome to the team!

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