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Greener Driving for Greener Cities - Week 6

Greener Driving for Greener Cities - Week 6


At Greenfleet we believe that we all need to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, not just offset them, to reach the low carbon future our society and planet need to survive.

Cars have become a fundamental mode of transport in Australia and most households have at least one. But the convenience of cars means that many greenhouse gas emissions are generated unnecessarily.

The efficiency of the vehicle (a function of design, engine, weight, etc.) and driving style of the driver determine the fuel consumption and the amount of greenhouse gases released per kilometre, so there are plenty of factors that can be changed to reduce the emissions you create.

Every week, for the duration of the Greener Driving for Greener Cities program, we will share a simple tip for you to implement at home and improve your driving style.

Tip of the week - How to avoid and reduce emissions

“Me? Speed? Never!” – Are these words you’ve heard yourself say?

Most of us will at some point hit the accelerator too hard – whether it’s in overtaking another vehicle or simply to get to the post office in time. Whatever the reason, it happens. Being aware of the speedo and how your car feels as it sits on certain speeds is vital for both safe driving and managing your fuel economy.   

Remember those blisteringly hot February days with a north wind almost blowing you off the road? Windows open and the car shuddering, hot gritty air drying your eyes out and the car working much harder than it should? Well, if you’re on the open road or moving at over 50kph, it’s better to have the air con on, than trying to stay cool by having the windows down. This is because wind resistance is an issue at high speeds: as speed increases, so does wind resistance – which means your car has to burn through more fuel just to maintain speed.

Driving just 8kph over the speed limit can affect fuel economy by over 20%. At 110 km/h your car uses up to 25% more fuel than it would cruising at 90 km/h. 

So, to keep your fuel consumption (and carbon emissions in check) avoid high speed and drive smoothly. And if your car is fitted with cruise control, using it during highway driving will help to maintain a steadier speed, which will save fuel.

Offset the rest

Even if you reduce your emissions significantly, it is unlikely that you will eliminate all sources of carbon pollution in your life. All greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere are contributing to climate change, this is why we invite you to offset your car’s carbon emissions with Greenfleet’s carbon offsets.


Greenfleet carbon offsets are native reforestation projects that capture carbon from the atmosphere to compensate for the emissions created by your own activities. Find out more here.

About Greener Driving for Greener Cities

Greener Driving for Greener Cities is an innovative fundraising program by Greenfleet.
Using the latest technology, participants are challenged to reduce their car’s carbon emissions by 5% and raise funds to help plant 70,000 native trees along Upper Stony Creek in Melbourne’s west.
The pilot program empowers participants to drive more efficiently and take real climate action. Efficient drivers make our roads safer and produce less greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, participants will save money, reduce pollution, and become safer drivers.
Find out more here.

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