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Greener Driving for Greener Cities - Week 3

Greener Driving for Greener Cities - Week 3

Who’s the lowest emitter? The best fundraiser? These are the burning questions on everyone’s lips as we watch the progress of Greenfleet’s Greener Driving for Greener Cities pilot program.

Greener Driving for Greener Cities empowers participants to drive more efficiently and take real climate action. Efficient drivers produce less greenhouse gas emissions. Participants save money, reduce pollution, and become safer drivers. The challenge: for participants to reduce their carbon emissions by a minimum of 5% over the 12-week trial, and to fundraise in support of a major reforestation project in Melbourne’s west. Over six hectares of long-neglected land will be revitalized and planted up with 70,000 native trees. Everyone will benefit from more greenery and cleaner air.

We’re into week three of the trial and data is flowing in from our counterpart GoFar, provider of the nifty little gadgets that so cleverly measure, among many things, participants’ carbon emissions. Participants receive weekly updates on how they’re progressing – check out how they’re travelling by visiting 

Donate or Offset!

Can you help a Greener Driving for Greener Cities participant reach their fundraising goal? Alternatively, we invite you to offset your car’s carbon emissions with Greenfleet. Even if you reduce your emissions significantly, it is unlikely that you will eliminate all sources of greenhouse gases in your life. All greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere are contributing to climate change, so offsetting with Greenfleet is a great thing to do.


Greenfleet carbon offsets are native reforestation projects that capture carbon from the atmosphere to compensate for the emissions created by your own activities. Find out more here.

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